Once you start playing blackjack it won’t be long before your interests begin to peak in trying to develop a blackjack betting strategy. Now some say that the game of blackjack is all about luck. Then there are others who are absolutely convinced that if a blackjack strategy is implemented it can increase the chances of some substantial wins.

There are a lot of people who are considered experts at blackjack and take this seriously. This is to the point where systems for playing the game have actually been developed.

The Martingale System

One may think that with all the different ways that a bet can be placed on blackjack that any system being developed would have to be a difficult one. This blackjack betting strategy is actually quite simple. It begins by making a small bet which most go with the minimum. If they are successful and win, then they simply place the same amount of bet again. If there is a loss, however, then the player doubles the bet. Likewise again, if another loss occurs the bet is then doubled. This action continues until eventually, the player wins. At this point, the whole process starts all over again with the minimum or small bet. The concept of this blackjack betting strategy is eventually you are bound to win and you will probably recoup your losses at least and pocket a small win.

Sounds feasible and logic, however, those who are against this particular strategy feel that if a player runs into a series of losses then they stand to lose substantial money. Then they may be in a position of chasing their losses trying to recoup it.

Some feel a better blackjack betting strategy is to go with the Kelly criterion. This means implementing strategies when you already have the advantage.