Anyone visiting Canada is soon going to learn that there are some fantastic Casinos to be enjoyed here. They are located throughout many of the different cities. A good example is the Caesar Windsor Casino. Then within the city of Windsor itself, there are many fine restaurants to be enjoyed with one of the more well-known ones being the Garden Buffet Windsor.

When you are playing at the Caesars Windsor Casino, you will most likely find it packed full of enthusiastic game players, although there is always room for one more. They offer so many games that it takes two floors to house them all.

After some great enjoyment of playing at this exciting establishment, you may be ready for a break, and will want to check out what Windsor has to offer. When doing this you may also be at the same time looking for some great eating establishments.

Be sure to check out the Garden Buffet Windsor. They offer a simple but most enjoyable menu that is very reasonably priced. It offers buffet style cuisine, and the children between the ages of five to twelve get to eat for half price, and children under the age of two get even better pricing. This restaurant also caters to special pricing for seniors giving them a 20% discount.

Most that have enjoyed what the Garden Buffet Windsor has to offer have stated that it was a warm and friendly atmosphere and the customer service was excellent. They also noted that the food variety was great, and it was fresh and well prepared with great taste.

Although there are several eating establishments located right on the premises of the Caesars Windsor Casino, it is nice to have a change of scenery and experience some of the other venues located in Windsor.