When you spend some time at a Casino you will probably find that you have plenty of choices of different games to play. These usually include a selection of table games as well as slots. In the slots category, you should find some great video slots to choose from. But what makes the video slots so exciting?

If you have been playing slots for a long time, then no doubt you are familiar with the classic slots. These are the average three reel type. In some form or fashion these have been around for many years, and even today they have not lost their popularity. However, the video slots came into the gaming community in 1976, and really stepped up the slot playing experience.

Now slot players are more intrigued with the video slot play because it allows for more lines and reels to be played. The graphics are exciting and they are themed based which many people enjoy.

Something else that is really different with these particular slots is the payouts. With the standard slots with the reels, you normally have to play the maximum bet to receive the jackpot payout. The video slots calculate payouts based on the number of line coin bets that are made. So you do actually have a better chance of gleaning some type of winnings with the video slots outside of having to wait to hit a jackpot.

Then of course, with the video slots it is all the extras that come with them like the variations in bonuses and the free spins. Players really feel like they are getting true value for their money.

The next time you visit your local casino, be sure to give the video slots a try. Don’t be overcome with the number of reels or lines that they may present.